Roatan Air is born, the first low cost airline of municipal flag in the world

The president of the Inter-American Commission of legal experts in Air and Space Law (CIJEDAE) Julián Fernández Palacín reported that the January 20, 2014 is traveling to the island of Roatan, which is the largest of the Bay Islands, one of 18 departments of the Republic of Honduras.

The island is considered a world diving paradise, displaying stunning combinations of white sands and clear waters within its beaches, ocean and turquoise water.

There he will attend the 2014-2018 taking office of the newly mayor of Roatan Dorn Ebanks who won the elections last November 24 for the Liberal Party.

Julian Palacín Fernández was invited in March 2012 to the island of Roatan after he published his book “Inexpensive flagship Airline” where he he formulates an low cost airline policy for Latin America in order to lower the fares and this way increase inbound tourism in countries.

At the Honduran elections a few days ago, the people of Roatan gave majority support to political notorious Liberal Party candidate Dorn Andy Ebanks who in his political platform proposed to the people of the Island of Roatan the founding of Air Roatan, the low cost flagship airline of Roatan municipality.

This is about the book written by the Peruvian jurist Julián Fernández Palacín (See Book
Low cost flagship Airline) to be applied in all its doctrinal depth in aeropolitical matters and for the benefit of Roatan Island.

The low cost ariline Latin American doctrine raised by the Peruvian jurist in the aforementioned book would become a reality in Roatan Island because the newly elected mayor of Roatán Dorn Ebanks, has reported that as of January 25 will begin formal studies for the foundation of Air Roatan.


The flagship airline of Roatán Municipality will have a spread shareholding and after international routes are granted to the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Russia and South America, Air Roatan will seek an international partner and / or shared codes operation which will allow tourists from the main inbound tourism emitting centers reach Roatan with similar rates to those charged by Ryanair and Easyjet in the European market.

For this, the Latin American jurist Julian Fernandez Palacín will be present next month in Roatan Island. The creator of this aeropolitical doctrine applicable to the region and whose philosophy on aviation policy seeks Roatan Island to receive starting in 2016 one million five hundred thousand tourists with an increase of 20% per year until 2020 where it is expected to reach Roatan four million tourists a year.

The project is for the company to be 100% private with management and promotion by Roatan Mayor Dorn Ebanks. This is the dream of a village living in an island with history that has as its main feature very white sand beaches surrounded by coconut trees within an environment of extremely crystalline sea that allows to observe the movement of the various species of multicolored fish among the seaweed.

Should be added that the municipal flag low cost airline Air Roatan will ensure that the inhabitants of Utila, Guanaja and numerous islets and cays nearby can receive in the coming decades the benefits of mass tourism through inexpensive flights that will bless this region through its leader Roatan Mayor Dorn Ebanks and international consultant Julián Fernández Palacín already working to make this dream of the people of Roatan a reality.

Source: – Translated by Veronica Antonio Paulaitis

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